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So, you want to own a TAILOR-MADE APP ?
Here I am
Decades of experience and availability within a day
If you want to avoid having staff redundancy or having to spend money on training for the development of an app... if you want to have the person you need at the exact moment you need them... if you want a developer who has a wide range of experience and will analyze your needs from every angle... then you need a freelancer like me.
Someone who knows your company and understands your ideas
I approach my projects by getting to know the way a company works: what its processes and workflow are, the key roles among the staff and the level of digitization of the organization’s structure. I will analyze every detail of your app idea and suggest possible alternatives if there is a more effective or cheaper way to achieve your goal. This analysis makes up most of my work, because in order for an app to be successful the ideas behind it need to be crystal clear. If you give me the time to analyze your company and your idea in detail, however, your app will come together very quickly as a result.

Build with me your next tailor-made app

Human resources
Attendance detection, Work shifts, Info and files sharing, Task Assignments, Calendar, Events, Bulletin board

SAles Force
Custom Catalogs, Order Collection, Incentives, Contact Management, Funnels, Sales Statistics

Fleet management
Vehicle registry, Administrative deadlines, Maintenance, Geolocation, Mileage monitoring, Breakdown management, Cost analysis

Gyms and swimming pools
Booking, Training cards and Diary, Food plan, Purchase of services, Personal QR-Code, Assignment of equipments, Bulletin board, Chat

Digital Menu
Restaurant or Bar Menu creation, Automatic translations, Queues disposal, Orders from tables and smartphones, Kitchen management and preparation of ordered dishes

Accommodation, Online check-in, Document collection, Digital privacy policy and signature, Report and Billing, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage

Sports Club
Club info, Venues, Members, Medical certificate deadlines, Advertising management, Sponsors, Sports collaborators salaries

Cash point, Price list management, Warehouse management, Promotions, Loyalty cards, Assisted sales

Beauty salons
Appointments, Notifications, Treatments, Warehouse management, Loyalty cards

Service APP
Weather forecasts, Sports forecasts, International news, Finance, Cryptocurrencies markets

Multimedia Kiosk
Totem touch screen, Digital signage, Touristics info, In-Store tablet assisted sales

PDF creation and Google Drive autoupload, Send e-mail, Calendarize events, Meetings book

The APP For your Company
Not a pre-made software that fit for everyone, but your unique app tailored on your company specific needs, mobile-or desktop-based with public access or with access restricted only to the users of your organization.
See what my customers have to say...
"Operating in a specialised industry we saw a need for a valuable service that was beyond the reach of many of our clients’ service providers. From our very broad scope of the project, ZappsIT was able to enhance the business model so as to then build the app that matched the business opportunity 100%. And in doing so produced a tool that far exceeded our initial goals. From start to finish the collaboration has been one of free-flow communication and mutual understanding. And enjoyable too!
In addition to this, Roldano’s availability has been total, with true partnership-like commitment to our project. I cannot recommend Roldano more highly. A true development asset who is a true professional. And with a business acumen that has turned an idea into a ground-breaking service totally matching the needs of our marketplace. I am sure that we will be working with ZappsIT for many years to come. Bravo and Grazie!"
Christopher Billiam - Directeur
TDS France - Paris
" existed before Roldano's got involved. However the value added to the app by Roldano has been incredible in pace and outcome. Roldano connected with what the app was about, suggested and explained potential developments and then instigated the necessary changes quickly and professionally. The app is now  built on better foundations, is more flexible and able to easily scale. Working with Roldano has been a pleasure. He has been available, attentive, open to discussion and quick to reply and act. I would recommend Roldano to anybody looking for support with the development of their online projects."
Geographer, Teacher, Technology Integrationist and Resource Developer

"Roldano is an incredible developer! Taking my very roughly made base, he turned it into a functional app with API connections and the ability to scale. He's communicative, and works tirelessly to get the best quality worked done. He will let you know if there are other options in terms of integrations, which could end up saving you hundreds. 10/10 - a great partner and hire!"

Kevin Merisanu
Monte Carlo Bet - New York

"A big thank you to Roldano for the fantastic app he made me! It is now easier to manage goods, sales and work in my shop. Finally I can keep track of sales but above all the price variation (an important feature in a constantly evolving market like this), I can also build customer loyalty with much simplicity and keep track of their purchases and thus better understand how to manage the products to keep in shop. This obviously translates into an unexpected gain in terms of both time and money. Congratulations to Roldy! An app created by a true professional."

Giulio Marangon

"We started a project almost for fun, a beautiful discovery came out, or rather two: the project turned into a product with great ease and above all we discovered a professional who knows how to look beyond the punctual need."

Gabriele Cavalletti
Drive Agency - Perugia

"Thanks to Roldano and his expertise, our company has taken a step forward towards the future. He developed a tailor-made APP with which we succeeded to digitize most of our work. His availability in every step of the development, including the training of future users, shows that we are facing a professional in the sector."

Jessica Maggini
GoBiz di Roldano Zappalà
Loc. Tavernelle, 115 - 52031 Anghiari (AR) - Italy
EU VAT: IT02587600541
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