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About Me

I started my career at 19, when I won a competition at a public institute. Thanks to my position in an Olivetti dealership, I consolidated my knowledge, supported by masters who guided and mentored me.

In the early 90s I founded a company specializing in software and hardware consulting and assistance. I had a computer shop, seven employees, a technical laboratory and a computer room where basic courses and advanced programming courses were taken.

When information technology became a real consumer good shortly thereafter, my business was overwhelmed with the advent of large shopping centers offering goods at an extremely low price. As a result, I retired my little store and hardware lab, confining my work to software development only.

At the turn of the 2000s, I deepened my studies on server-side programming, and it was thus that I got my hands on PHP, ASP and all the other connected divaoliers. I struggled with object-oriented programming because I had so much experience with programming lines (e.g., goto, gosub, call this, call that, and so on), so in the following years I stayed away from certain frameworks.

At the end of the 2000s I had the opportunity to meet the most important companies that dealt with market research in Italy. This happened thanks to an assignment as an external commercial consultant at the company IdWeb, which still deals with software development in this area.

At the same time, I once more plunged into the world of commerce, but this time in a different sector, equally interesting from the point of view of technological innovation: the electronic cigarette. I was a heavy cigarette smoker at the time, so it was almost as a "thank you" for being able to breathe healthily that I opened a small chain of stores called Emporio Vapori, which now has four locations of which I am the happy owner.

Currently I spend most of my days at home in Anghiari, which is also my main place of work. In response to COVID-19, I have organized my services in such a way that I can offer them all remotely. This has freed up a lot of my time and enables me to be by my clients’ sides whenever they need me.

I have found many other colleagues who do the same type of work as me who have adopted this same operational mode, and I believe it is the right way to face things today.

Currently most of my work, as you can see from my portfolio, focuses on the development of mobile and desktop applications, proposing innovative integrations at low costs and with rapid development times.
Sometimes I teach nocoding to elementary, middle and high school teachers, as I am part of the expert external trainers of the FutureLab high school.

In summary, I have had plenty of experience in programming in many disparate sectors. The drive to learn new things has always been a great boost for me, and thanks to this I can say I am able to analyze the needs of customers down to the smallest detail, leaving almost nothing to chance.

What I do every day, whether for work or not, I do thinking of my greatest loves,
my daughters Alessia and Azzurra, my elderly father and my beloved life partner Elisabetta.
GoBiz di Roldano Zappalà
Loc. Tavernelle, 115 - 52031 Anghiari (AR) - Italy
EU VAT: IT02587600541
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