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PWA Developer
What does PWA stand for?
Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are hybrids between classic dynamic web pages and apps that can be downloaded from a mobile store. A PWA resides on the web and can be accessed via a browser link as if it were a common web page.

Thanks to this, a PWA app is much easier to distribute, share and update than native apps from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

PWA apps can be run without problems in any device; they work on PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets, and they work equally well on both Android and Apple systems with only small differences in the style of the layout. Most importantly, PWA apps can access functions that are specific to a given portable device, such as geolocation, the ability to take photographs or the ability to make telephone calls.
What can I do for you?
As a longtime consultant and developer, I can use my experience to understand your business processes even when they are on different platforms and convert repetitive tasks into an integrated app that is either mobile-or desktop-based. I can then automate these processes, especially when they are organized in Excel or on paper. Of course, I can also create an app starting from only an idea, (e.g., for a startup).
GAS Developer
What does GAS mean?
Google Apps Script (GAS) is a cloud-based JavaScript platform that lets you integrate with and automate tasks across Google products.

What can I do for you?
As a longtime javascript developer I can easily write code that programmatically performs tasks across Google products and sets automations in motion using custom menus, buttons, user actions or time-based schedules. For example, an Apps Script custom function can be called from a spreadsheet just as if it were a built-in function.
What is the role of a Glide Expert?
Glide Experts are independent professional developers certified by Glide, ready to help make your project a success.

What can I do for you?
If your company has already started adopting nocode development tools, or is willing to do so, you can count on me for all the support you need with the Glide platform, which is in my opinion the best NCDP platform and they have prices for all budgets.

As a certified glide expert, I can help your organization remotely or develop the solution you need very quickly. Make an appointment with me anytime, it's free!
3rd party Integrator
What is third-party integration?
In general, the term “third-party integration” means the addition of necessary external data to an existing project using different APIs (Application Program Interfaces). So instead of creating a new interface, the developers can simply take an available API and integrate it into your solution.
RapidAPI Hub
Discover and connect to thousands of APIs

RapidAPI is a tool that allows one to access APIs and Microservices and build applications more efficiently and easily.
Here you can find thousands of services available to retrieve information that will give great added value to your app; you could integrate weather forecasts, stock updates, sports forecasts, breaking news, COVID-19 statistics, and much, much more.
How many things can you do with an app? An app is a huge world of interconnected data that is developing more and more, and it's close at hand!
What can you expect from me when it comes to API integrations?
I can guide your company to discover the API services it needs within the app that I will develop. I can then integrate the data arriving from the API into the app and, in more structured projects, I can add services in such a way that your own app becomes a source of data, too.
Zapier Integration
Connect your apps and automate workflow

Zapier moves info between web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.
Every day we use apps such Google Sheet, Google Docs, Calendar, Facebook, Mailchimp... and so on, and we often have to go from one application to another by copying and pasting data, doing intermediate calculations, and in short, wasting a lot of time that takes us away from our main focus.
I can make this process much more productive thanks to workflow automation.

An example to give you the idea of my work with Zapier
I could build your specific integration such as send an email automatically to your client when you have finished creating your sheet in google sheet, with attached a PDF that integrates the data of your sheet or document.
In this scenario, as you can see, the integration takes place between four different services:
  • your goole sheet where you set your calculations (it could be a quote, an invoice, and so on)
  • an external service that is able to create a PDF by collecting the data that are in your quote
  • a storage service to host the PDF file created (for example your Google Drive)
  • the email service (for example google mail) that provides to send the customized message to your customer by attaching the PDF file or highlighting a download link from Google Drive
Achieve more in less time with fewer people

This is another great service that lets you connect apps and automate workflows, moving data between apps effortlessly so you can focus on growing your business.

When choosing whether to use Zapier or Integromat for API integration, there are many considerations that must be made, such as the costs required by each service, as well as the ease of use of each interface. Integromat, from my point of view, has a simpler visual interface and is the best choice for a customer who wishes to participate in flow scheduling.
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