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Here are some of my most recent works. You can interact with some by running the application, but for others you can’t because access is limited to administrative roles only.
If you need further information you can contact me directly.
Eventi Sociali APP
A private CRM APP
Fleet management, Contact management, Sale of advertising space, Realization of the contract in PDF format, Geolocation

Eventi Sociali is a Tuscan company, founded in Arezzo in 2015, on the initiative and thanks to the thirty-year experience of Mr. Enzo Maggini. The ambitious goal of this company is to mediate between the world of profit and the world of non-profit, promoting a collaboration between: companies, professionals and associations of the territories, which every day put their skills and their altruism at the service of the community. Eventi Sociali listens to the voice and needs of the various associations, which operate in the area by providing thousands of essential services to the community every year, such as health and social transport for the elderly, disabled and sick.
A mobile app with public access
Curating a list of podcasts for IB DP Geography students

This app, particularly interesting from the point of view of the contents it deals with, was commissioned to me by Professor Richard Allaway.
The main goal of the app is to support its geographyalltheway.com website which provides online Geography resources, for Geography teachers and students at Key Stage 3 (11-14 yrs), GCSE (14-16 yrs), IGCSE (14-16 yrs), AS (16-18 yrs), A2 (16-18 yrs) and IB DP Geography (16-18 yrs) level.
TDS TRacking System
A private mobile app and page

A logistics app for managing a national distribution network of spare tires in France. It includes apps for drivers, pages for administrators, and a tracking system. Dynamsoft's advanced "barcode scan" component is implemented.
It uses geocoding and reverse gecoding functions.

A platform composed of 2 APPs:
  • Customer loyalty APP
    • Catalog browsing
    • Products preorder
    • Membership
    • Methods for smoking cessation
  • APP retail point of sale
    • Cash point management
    • Multiple sales
    • Statistics
    • Tax journal

A platform composed of two apps:
  • APP Digital Bando
    • Research for non-repayable grants
    • Corporate targeting
    • Plan subscription
  • Back office desktop app
    • Non-repayable grants management
    • PDF abstract production
    • Distribution on user target
    • Plans management
    • Hiring management
Monte Carlo Bet
An APP to level up the bankroll management

Main features:
  • Odds Marketplace
  • Odds Calculator
  • Find best odds from Sportbooks
  • Wagers tracking
  • Live Scores
  • Sport News
GoBiz di Roldano Zappalà
Loc. Tavernelle, 115 - 52031 Anghiari (AR) - Italy
EU VAT: IT02587600541
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